WE create using new tools TO DEVELOP A RE-IMAGINED FUTURE. 

  We are a collective of scientists, story tellers and technologists eager to re-invent. Through our positions as teachers and publishers in academia we are able to coalesce and combine our leading edge knowledge of disciplines such as Biological Science, Quantum Physics, 3D Design, Projection Mapping, Motion Capture, Interactive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Immersive Technologies. 

Hailing from Australia, and the UK, we operate as a collective, via open source work space's forming teams around projects, start-ups, and owned IP.

With backgrounds in professional development in these areas it is our vision that one day science, technology, and creativity will occupy the same space. By using creative practices and applying them to areas of research and new thinking we can not only discover but innovate. 

With this vision we set about developing brand and investor driven projects spanning computer technology, biological science, and multiple functional aspects of new media art.